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Health Informatics Company

SANAMSAHAND Company is an experienced and knowledge-based group of clinicians, academic members, designers, developers, experts and thinkers. Everyone who works with us becomes a part of our team. We create eHealth experiences for your job or organization by providing unique health informatics services and together we celebrate the success! Creativity... We offer you personalized designs.

What is Health Informatics

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In Electronic Health Research & Development

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Registries and DSSs

A registry is a collection of information about individuals, usually focused around a specific diagnosis or condition. We develope advanced registries with many analytical and visualization capabilities.

Also we designed some bio-surveillance systems combined with machine learning algorithms to extract knowledge from huge datasets. the rules were used to develop clinical decision support systems. we implement clinical guidelines in the field.

Our Features



Provides a Scrum-based brainstorming approach to extract and analysis of requirements



increase the use of high quality clinical research in clinical decision making by integration of artificial intelligence and clinical evidences



nurture creative thinking and have the right people that can push forward creative ideas and turn them into innovations.

Team Members

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  • Hamed Pakzad

    CEO & Artificial Intelligence Expert

  • Dr Taha Soltani

    Assistant Professor & Medical Inform atics Expert

  • Dr Peyman Rezaei

    Associate Professor & Health Information Technology Expert

  • Yousef Gheibi

    CTO & Head of Programming Team

  • Dr Zahra Salahzadeh

    Associate Professor and Rehabilitation specialist

  • Dr Mirjalil Maleki

    Physician and Radiology Specialist

  • Dr Naser Safaei

    Physician and Cardiology Specialist

  • Mehdi Vakili

    CFO & E-commerce expert

  • Sina Soltani

    Technician and Network Admin

  • Hamed Arfaei

    key Programmer and Open Source expert